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Our Story

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About Cam

In 1957 Homer McNeill was a horticulturist and field man in Eastern Washington that fruit growers depended on. Homer made a good name for himself and his family. He was well spoken of by all I knew. Truly a gentleman and a good father to me and my brother Brian.

Back in 1969 he began educating me in the field of agriculture. After attending WSU I continued pursuing my interest in the fruit industry. This was the early beginning of Dead Crow Vineyards and Winery. Today after 12 years of help from family and friends, especially my dear wife Susan, here we are! All of us would appreciate it very much if you would give Dead Crow a try and compare to Washington State's highest scoring wine.


Cam McNeill, Winemaker 


Why Dead Crow?

In 2003 all species of birds that normally entertained us around our estate were disappearing. It didn't take long to find out that crows were the villains. Now we realized where the expression "Scare Crow" originated! There are many ways to "scare crows" but a dead crow worked for us. We are not sure if he had a name, but he is a legend at Dead Crow Winery. Best of all, our birds are back!

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"35 yr old vines grown in the hottest region of the Columbia Valley"


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How do we compare to Washington's finest wines?

There’s no better way to compare wines than a blind taste test. Ten years ago we started blind testing against Washington’s highest scoring wines. To date, Dead Crow has always finished in the top 30%.

“ Four of us shared a bottle of Dead Crow. We all agreed that perhaps it was the best bottle of wine we have ever enjoyed”. - Heidi Figgins


Is the winemaker the reason so many love Dead Crow?

No. The Grapes are! You simply cannot make excellent wine without excellent grapes. Although we grow grapes ourselves the simple truth is they are just not good enough. We make our wine from a 35 year old vineyard between Mattawa and Wahluke Slope in the sage brush hills. Watch out for rattlesnakes!


The Dead Crow 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve was perhaps the best wine I have ever tasted.

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